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Need to vent

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AKP79 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:08:16

I need to have a vent... my ex has reported me to the NSPCC for hitting our child. I have been on the phone to a social worker today and the social worker has also called my son's nursery. It's been clear to the social worker that based on my response, nursery's response and my ex's history that there is no need to investigate the report further. But it has left me fuming, such a horrible call to have to take.

This isn't the first time I have suffered at the hands of outright lies by my ex and it probably wont be the last.

I don't deny access, I do a four hour round trip on alternate weekends to meet him at a halfway point, I call him every week so that he can speak with our 3 year old, I do everything I can and should do, but he won't give up.

He's engaged to the woman he had an affair with, he lives in a huge house in the country, seems to have no money worries so what is his problem he should be happy! I live with my partner in a small house and am struggling, but we never ask him for more money... he pays peanuts and we just get on with it!

Plus I'm angry that he has wasted the time of people who should be dealing with children who are in real danger.

Rant over!

Elfdoor Wed 15-Jul-15 17:19:18

What a total git!

Get on to csa make him pay what he should.

Don't let him get to you!

Starlightbright1 Wed 15-Jul-15 22:42:19

Do you know the sad thing is your Ex is not the only one.... I would be furious too... Yes SS have far better things to do

AKP79 Thu 16-Jul-15 09:27:14

No point trying with the CSA, he's registered self employed fiddles the books and they can only claim £7 per week from him. He provides £15 per week and tries to say that he's being generous because he only needs to pay £7!

Still pretty riled about it, but refuse to let him get to me. He's pathetic.

Also if he actually had a real genuine concern I would like to think that for the safety of our child he would try a bit harder than he has!

The man is unhinged and it actually now makes me question my sons safety in his care!! It;s not the first completely fabricated accusation he's made and I'm sure it wont be the last!

foslady Sat 18-Jul-15 14:39:04

Is he paying for your petrol to see your child? I hope so - tell h you're not denying access but he needs to come to you and say until he pays more than that will be the case

AKP79 Mon 20-Jul-15 13:52:36

Nope, he's never contributed towards the petrol costs.

He took me to court last year and claimed all these terrible things, which he dropped as soon as he got there, but he went for increased access and the halfway meeting point. I had a horrendous/weak solicitor who catastrophically failed me and he had an amazing barrister. The court has ruled that we meet halfway etc so my hands are tied. They don't get involved in finances, so I can't make any demands. We just get on with it, stick to the rules and pick up the pieces with my son who's finding the adjustment difficult. But there's a constant barrage of difficulties and accusations, which is emotionally draining!

I have a brilliant solicitor now, who came by recommendation, he was gob smacked at the outcome from the courts.

foslady Mon 20-Jul-15 16:19:20

Sounds like time for a reassessment! You are doing amazingly well considering all you have been through

AKP79 Tue 21-Jul-15 10:00:50

Thank you foslady, you wont know how much I appreciate that. x

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