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miss sex and feeling loved. so lonely

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summerdreams Mon 06-Jul-15 17:58:38

I split up with my long term partner while pregnant with my son. Had moved back from essex to london had move back in with my mum. Basicley my sons had bad health since he was born nearly a year ago and may get out for a night out once every 6~8 weeks im only 22 not on facebook hate it. Have a couple of girlfriends since ive been away for so long. I was out at the weekend and realised how long I havnt had sex got close to some guy I knew had a girlfriend and nearly went home with him so out of charecter for me im so lonely and missed being loved to embaressed to go on a dating site and obviously apart from that 1 night I get out every now and then when or how will I ever meet anyone ive always got my son with me I feel sad and depressed about this today

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GammaDelta Fri 10-Jul-15 23:12:10

oohhh i feel bad for you van your mum take care of your son whole you go out more often. do you work. if you hey a job maybe put your child in a nursery n when you go out you will meet people .. might even have a relationship

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