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Still missing my 'family'

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MsPepsi Mon 06-Jul-15 16:48:53

Split with ex years ago due to his affair. We did try again but it just didn't work. I love and care for him, but that's where it ends. I want him to be happy.

But a part of me just misses having my family unit. I suppose the 2.4 ideal I had before he fucked it up.

I then get upset about how my family is no more yet when he finds someone, and has my daughter, he'll have the family I wanted. Does that make sense?

CherryPicking Tue 07-Jul-15 22:25:37

Yep, I know,what you mean. I'm going through it right now. Men nearly always seem to be the first to move on, maybe cos they have more time to meet someone new. Or maybe we,learn to be more picky after what they put us through.

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