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Actively abusing the CMS!!

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learnsomethingnew Thu 02-Jul-15 08:01:53

My controlling ex has started paying less by direct pay to me. its been going on for months and this is the response I got from them 'Until it reaches 40% we can't do anything!!' Its pathetic the amounts he short changes my child by. £1 here, 8p there!! This could go on for years and he's doing it because he can! He's missed a whole payment before the paid at the 11th hour when they threatened the collect and pay. Its all wrong and I just wanted to warn others.

Starlightbright1 Thu 02-Jul-15 14:55:10

I wondered how long it would be before the stories of it is worse have come out..I haven't heard anyone say it is better at all.

learnsomethingnew Fri 03-Jul-15 08:46:25

Its a joke. They won't even write to him about it! Can't issue non standard letters apparently!!

JakieOH Fri 03-Jul-15 09:39:11

So he is paying less than the CMS instructed but they won't do anything about it??

learnsomethingnew Fri 03-Jul-15 15:41:01

Yeas JakieOh thats correct. So annoying

JakieOH Sat 04-Jul-15 12:21:08

That doesn't sound right to me OP. I would contact them again.

ProbablyMe Fri 24-Jul-15 08:59:16

That surprises me actually. My ExH underpaid me by £5 three weeks in a row and they were happy to suggest chasing him for it and making him pay via them which would incur a fairly hefty charge on his part. The threat of the additional charge so made him sort himself out.

learnsomethingnew Fri 24-Jul-15 13:32:45

I double checked and I can go for collect and pay now. They would send him a letter to collect a direct debit which he can refuse to pay! This would mean the 20% charge on top every month. Then they would take proceedings to place attachment of earnings at a cost to him of £50 plus the 20% for at least 12 months. I cannot for the life of me figure why he would do this to himself

Bellemere Fri 24-Jul-15 13:41:48

I'm glad they're actually chasing it up - he shouldn't be able to get away with messing around with it like that.

learnsomethingnew Sun 26-Jul-15 22:39:06

Crazy huh Bellemere? Like someone said I knew there wold be a loophole somewhere. I'll post when something happens

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