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Recently separated and new to mumsnet

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em11960 Tue 26-May-15 17:39:17

Hi everyone

New to mumsnet as stated in the headline. I have 3 children to my previous partner and a 2 month old baby to a very recent ex partner.....head all over the place at the moment. I feel embarrassed and sad at the position I'm in. Not sure what else to say, still coming to terms with everything. Thanks for listening x

Nevergoingtolearn Tue 26-May-15 17:56:51

Hi em, I'm a mum to 2 and separated from my dh a month ago, finding it all very hard and new. Hopefully things will get better in time xxx

Sammasati Tue 26-May-15 18:06:00

Hi em, welcome to mn, please don't feel embarrassed, feel proud that you are a mum of 4 dc.

Take things slow and be kind to yourself, breaking up is always hard but you will find happiness one day.


em11960 Tue 26-May-15 18:24:03

Thank you for your kind reply. I posted a reply to nevergoingtolearn also but I don't see it? Still getting the hang of this lol x

Sunflowersmiling Sat 30-May-15 01:15:38

Hi :-) its hard journey but there's lots of love and support in here to help you through the rough days and celebrate the good! Hang on in there ... things do get easier with a little time. X

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