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Emotional wellbeing DSs

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TruckingOn Wed 20-May-15 23:52:38

Newly separated. DSs were doing ok. Wobbly sometimes but ok. There have been more wobbles this week inc stuff going on at school so I'm wanting to address things square on, instead of taking their lead and only talking if they brought something up.

Anyone got any good resources to point me to for good strategies to allow kids to think through/express how their doing. Ways we can work together as a family unit on this would be good too.

They're aged 6 and 7, bless em.

cestlavielife Thu 21-May-15 13:55:04

how to talk to kids will listen... book

get drawing, family tree, design a family motto. recognize importance of both parents even if you separated.

TruckingOn Tue 26-May-15 11:29:39

Thank you. I've ordered a couple of the recommended books on there.

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