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Am I being taken advantage of?

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minglesum Thu 07-May-15 11:12:01

I have one child who started school full time in September. My husband & LO's dad works full time so the idea was that I would go back to work part time once she was in reception. However, he left in October. I'm now a single parent "stuck" on benefits because there's no way I can work full time and afford childcare for my LO before and after school.

We have these neighbours, (a married couple with two children aged five and seven ish), who both work and they keep asking me if I can take their kids to school with me and/or collect them from school. They have never once offered to return the favour.

It's starting to really irritate me but I am quite easily irritated(!) and was wondering if I'm overreacting?

I was flattered at first that someone trusted me with their kids but now I feel they're taking the pee.

What do you think?

reni1 Thu 07-May-15 16:52:40

Ask for favours in return, maybe Saturday mornings so you can do the shopping etc. Alternatively, say no. Should be a pretty equal split unless they wish to pay. We do drop offs and pick ups for others as well as holiday childcare, but we do get an equal number of days in return.

thetroubleis Thu 07-May-15 17:02:34

Yes you are being taken advantage of. If they need childcare on a regular basis they should pay for it, plus you may get yourself in bother if it's a regular thing- technically you should be registered and DBS checked.

Starlightbright1 Thu 07-May-15 20:47:36

no you won't get in trouble...You are not doing it for payment.. Have you looked at WTC as they will pay 70% of childcare bills.

You are been taken advantage of ..but they may well not be thinking. I think a no not today is fine to make them think a bit if that is what you want

Flowerpower41 Fri 08-May-15 05:34:30

They are just being selfish and inconsiderate if you ask me. There are two of them after all and it is their job to see to drop offs and pick ups.

A lot of couples simply don't get the responsibilities that we face! Plus they don't even think of reciprocating.

If that were me I would just say you have enough on dealing with your own one and can't take anything more on that way you won't be asked again.....!

Akire Fri 08-May-15 05:50:05

How long do you have them before and after school? Is it just walking them home or having them hours everyday? What happens if your child is ill who looks after them then?
I would feel trapped and put upon if this was expecting all the time without any benefit to yourself. For example babysitting or offering to do jobs around yours.
Can you start saying you can no longer do pick up on x days? You need be here there after school or off on play dates so can't drop everything for them.
Even if they can't pay you they could be doing small things for you and showing appreciation (inviting over for meal, letting you use their car) from what you have said they are doing neither.

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