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I'm a single mum, and it has been suggested that I'd be better off reducing my hours from 23 to 16 - is this right? Can anyone advise?

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PiperBeeley Thu 30-Apr-15 14:15:01

An old employer I bumped into suggested as a single mum it is always financially more suitable to keep working hours to just 16. I think she is wrong, but my knowledge on how it all works is very limited! I'm currently doing 23 hours - but apparently these hours cut down my entitlement to other help confused I have four children and minimal support from their father so I really need all the help I can get! I'd love some advice if possible? tia x

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youngestisapyscho Thu 30-Apr-15 14:21:23

I don't know if it's true, but the same was told to my sister who is a working, single mum.

EeyoresTail Thu 30-Apr-15 14:24:23

Have you tried using a website like entitled to to see what figures you get?

PiperBeeley Thu 30-Apr-15 14:30:15

No, but I think it'd be a good idea for me to go and look! Seems crazy for it to be more viable to work less hours? confused

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