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Any single parents in Leicester area interested in a Gingerbread group?

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wonderstuff99 Mon 20-Apr-15 08:36:10

Hi all,

I'm a single parent based in Leicester and am thinking of starting up a Gingerbread group for other single parents to meet up/chat etc.

If anyone would be interested in this, please reply to this thread or in PM.

Fingers crossed!

PS I have posted this in the local mumsnet forum as well but thought I'd try this as well.

justjuanmorebeer Tue 21-Apr-15 15:37:06

Yes I am!

wonderstuff99 Tue 21-Apr-15 20:59:21

Great! Have sent you a PM

Notthecarwashagain Thu 23-Apr-15 19:41:12

I'm interested too smile

Abhinik9 Thu 02-Feb-17 11:17:33

Hi I'm interested too if the group is still alive!smile

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