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opinions please

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Foxy800 Mon 20-Apr-15 07:46:24

Hi.Dd was at her dad's this weekend and as she has started suffering from her had ever again this year resulting in a horrible cough I sent her Hayfever meds that have been prescribed by a doctor.Explained when she needed it, which was also on box.When she came back her nan told me her dad had said her cough had been really bad over night.This surprised me as it's usually much better with meds and last night after meds we had no coughing.D's later told me dad's gfriend had said she didn't need it at night as not outside and she can't remember if dad gave it to her at night but did in the morning.What's everyone's opinions on this.Not said anything as want others opinions first please.Many thanks.x

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Foxy800 Mon 20-Apr-15 07:56:58

Obviously that first part should say hayfever not had ever!!!x

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cestlavielife Mon 20-Apr-15 15:57:56

just remind dad next time with a written note of what teh doctor has prescribed. when she should take the tablet etc.
everyone can forget sometimes.
also note in dds washbag if she takes one or toothbrush saying "dont forget tablet"

kinkyfuckery Mon 20-Apr-15 16:02:17

Not sure what you want an opinion about.... your DD can't remember if she had one or not. Surely that means she possibly did? Have you checked how many are gone from pack?

Foxy800 Mon 20-Apr-15 18:49:46

It's a liquid so not that easy.And although she can't remember it's likely she didn't due to the conversation about how bad the cough was that night..If shes had the meds she is fine.And don't think it is a simple case of forgetting either as she told me about a conversation the friend had saying she didn't need it as it's night time.
I sometimes nearly forget and she reminds me so know what it's like to forget.
Thanks for the replies though.x

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