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Tough week

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AKP79 Mon 06-Apr-15 12:15:14

My DS went off to his father's on Friday afternoon and isn't coming back until next Friday afternoon. He's 3 and the longest he's been away before has been three nights. This bank holiday weekend has been really hard and I just feel so overwhelmingly sad. On the car journey to the halfway meeting point to drop DS off he said to me 'When I'm at Daddy's house I call you and you don't come.' I tried to explain that I'm back at home and that I can't hear him, but if he ever needs me he should ask Daddy to call me on the phone. My DS said 'Daddy says your not there.' So with that being my parting conversation, it's making this week even tougher.

I've come in to work today just to get out of the silence of the house and as an act of self preservation I've deleted Facebook from my phone. Happy family Easter pictures aren't helping.

I keep thinking of the year ahead - it's going to be really hard. He's going to his fathers for a whole week every other week throughout the summer and he's spending Christmas there this year...

Has anyone got any tips for getting through the week in a more positive way? I'm booked into about a million gym classes as of tomorrow when it reopens - hoping that might help!

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NAR4 Mon 06-Apr-15 14:54:55

No advise but wanted to offer a hand to hold. My youngest 2, aged 2 & 4 are spending 3 days at their dads (coming home each night) & I'm struggling with that. I'm on day 2 & like you spent this morning at work, just to occupy myself. I'm now going boredom bonkers. I don't have any single friends, so everyone I know is spending time with their family.

Maybe do the same as I'm doing tomorrow and go to the cinema.

I guess it's something we will get used to over time.

alicemalice Mon 06-Apr-15 14:59:41

I think it's an adjustment phase. The time may come when you actively look forward to this free time.

Have you tried meetup? I'm really enjoying going along to stuff with other people now since I took the plunge with that kind of thing.

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