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Stop crying wolf

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neverdoingthatagain Mon 02-Mar-15 04:30:17

Just need to vent.
So ex-husband keeps saying he has to move back to Ireland (I'm in Australia and Aussie) as he has no money, no prospects and that's that.
This is about the ninth time he's texted me that although he loves the kids (he sees them total 1 hour per week and pays $14 per month) he sees no future here.
I am so sick and tired of being sucked into his drama - divorced 3 years 2 kids who yes love him, but really all they do is get let down and learn that adults lie.
I just want to reply, "When you have bought your ticket, then I'll believe you and I will be dancing for you". He's obviously stuffed up his current relationship and feels that he has nothing. He's done it to himself, violent, abusive and narcissistic.
Go home to your mammy!

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fedupbutfine Mon 02-Mar-15 15:44:57

my ex does this - I moved post-divorce and he followed so he constantly 'threatens' to go back to where he came from! I think I'm supposed to say 'no, please don't go, I need you' only the reality is, he adds nothing at all to my life and it wouldn't make a difference to me if he disappeared. It would affect the children, of course, as they see him regularly but that's his responsibility, not mine. I never say anything other than 'your relationship with your children is your responsibility' which makes it even worse because I think he's trying to get me to say 'well go then' so that he can then later 'prove' to the children it was all my fault and not his!

They're all wankers.

Starlightbright1 Mon 02-Mar-15 19:48:36

My advise just ignore it..

What ever response you give him makes it more likely to repeat his threats.

He is going to do whatever no matter what you say so leave him to it

foslady Mon 09-Mar-15 00:19:19

If you have to reply I'd stick to something like 'OK - keep me in the loop re dates/address for the kids to send cards to'

Or ignore

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