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Sick baby

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Steelojames Wed 18-Feb-15 04:16:31

My 18 month old is sick. Has conjunctivitis and a cold.
I haven't had any sleep tonight, 2 hours if I'm lucky and I'm soooo drained. I've caught his cold also, luckily on half term but have so much work to do as a trainee teacher plus have not slept myself in what seems like years.
I get very little time to myself and looked forward to this week but now feeling soo rundown and fed up. I just need cheering up.

callamia Wed 18-Feb-15 05:11:21

I'm awake with a sick baby too, so you have my sympathy. I also planned to spend this week catching up with work, and am cancelling meetings daily. I think this week we need to get our cheeriness where we can - can you bundle up the toddler and get some winter sunshine? Get yourself a decent coffee and go and sit in the park for a bit? When I was getting stressed about cancelling meetings on Monday, a colleague told me that when this happened to her, she felt much better once she 'gave in' to it and just concentrated on the child at home. I thought it was impossible, bit it's not quite...

Hope your little one rallies soon. Hopes for a better weekend!

Steelojames Wed 18-Feb-15 06:23:35

Hi callamia.
Thank you for your reply and its so nice to know I'm not alone.
I think you are right, better to just 'give in' rather than constantly think of everything else I had planned. I think after doctors we will take a stroll or even go to children's centre like we used to when we had our days together.
It's just so hard when sick yourself to find any motivation to do anything!
Hope your little one gets better soon too.

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