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Does kids staying over grandmothers effect child maintenince?

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MizEdSheeran Mon 16-Feb-15 21:16:28

I've tried looking for the answer but can't seem to find it.

they tend to stay with STBXH mum for a evening and a day most weekends.
My youngest has a disability and needs 24/7 care, he has been staying with his gran since he was 6 months old.

My STBXH is dragging his heels about paying child maintenince, he has been paying an amount for almost 2 years but then I found out that it wasn't even close to what he should be paying. I asked him about it recently about paying more maintenance, he basically said no because his mum has the kids for me, and he has to pick them up to take them to her.

When we split I had to leave our home because it was provided through his work, I moved 30 miles back to where I grew up because I had no support or freinds where we were. And the housing was extremely expensive.

I'm hoping to be able to sort this out with him between us, but I think I will ending up going to the csa. If anyone knows the answrer I would be ever so grateful for any advice.

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DancingCrown Mon 16-Feb-15 21:58:28

Overnights need to be with the actual parent and as far as I remember it has to be more than one night a week to make any reduction.

They do make a reduction for travel expenses but I think it needs to be quite far.

Don't ask him, tell him. It sounds like he will weasel out of his responsibilities any way he can.

Do your research and find out exactly what he should be paying. Write/email and say he needs to start paying £X by this date or you will go to the CSA, which will cost him extra in fees. Don't let him argue that he has to do this or that, just keep saying these are the rules, this is what you have to pay.

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