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So bored and lonely :(

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chan321 Wed 28-Jan-15 20:51:53

I broke up with my daughters dad two weeks ago and was managing absolutely fine but as the days are going on I'm becoming increasingly lonely sad my friends all let me down and I feel like I've got nobody but my daughter. I don't have a very big family but most of the family I do have I have no bond with. So basically, I'm bored, bogged down and lonely! What do other single mums do??

AmantesSuntAmentes Wed 28-Jan-15 20:58:23

I enjoy the peace, revel in my independence and invent zany and barely achievable projects to complete around the home and garden. The challenge keeps my mind busy! I learn new skills, take courses, volunteer at times ...and very occasionally, do a little housework.

The rest of the time I care for four dc and ten assorted pets grin

BlackeyedSusan Thu 29-Jan-15 21:50:56

mn of course!

lillybee1 Sat 31-Jan-15 13:16:33

I'm in same position. How old is your daughter? Are there any good groups near you?

NAR4 Sun 01-Feb-15 13:59:59

I took to redecorating my house in the early days, purely to keep myself busy and give me something to focus on. It also made me feel I had taken ownership of the house rather than just staying on in the house I used to be married in.

I also used to try and arrange different friends to come over on different nights, so I could avoid being alone in the evening as much as possible.

It does get a lot easier. I am 5 months down the line now and my ex is still as annoying as he can manage, but the rest of my life is now fab. I am throughly enjoying the freedom.

PinkFlamingoAteMyLipstick Wed 04-Feb-15 21:14:43

I have a better social life now than when with DH.

Its taken time and effort, lots of "paying it forward" offering sleepovers and playdates and going out on a limb. But now I dont have to work around ExH erratic behaviour I can plan nights out at my own convenience. I'm even managing to pull off a long weekend away soon with friends - and I dont have any help from DH or my family.

Mostly I'm in at home in the week, social networking helps, and plenty of reading and creativity.

Achooblessyou Fri 06-Feb-15 06:34:41

It's very early days for you. You will learn to enjoy it being just the two of you! Because most of the time that's what it will be. Probably best to get used to that first then build up your social life. It's hard at first but you'll end up saying you prefer it!

TheOrchardKeeper Fri 06-Feb-15 07:54:44

thanks You get more and more used to it and there are lots of pro's to being alone and being able to do whatever you like with yourself, your home and your DC(s) smile

And MN is great for just feeling like you can talk to other adukts in the evenings sometimes. It takes time to make more/better friends I found but it will happen if you keep reaching out like a PP said.

BoozeyTuesday Fri 06-Feb-15 08:05:51

It's been just me and ds since he was born nine years ago and I love our little unit. I do work a lot though with a long commute so I'm usually too tired to get lonely. I treasure the time I'm not at work as I get to see ds. I can see it would get lonely if you had a lot more time at home than I do, but it does get easier and they get better company the older they get. When ds was a baby/toddler it did feel quite isolating and lonely. You have to get used to being content in your own company, which can take a conscious effort.

TheOrchardKeeper Fri 06-Feb-15 08:12:17

What area are you in OP?

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