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Lone parent rant

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Wotsitsareafterme Mon 29-Dec-14 21:14:51

Exh and I get on pretty well and we do things as family. No problems there. Exh family still have issues with me (I assume) and pretend I and the dc (5 and 2) don't exists. I cannot be fucked with them and it's no skin off my nose that I don't see them
But you would think they just maybe would try and see the dc over xmas? No no and no again. Exh is abroad working. I have relayed the message as ever (through exh who I get on fine with) that they are welcome to see the dc whenever and that I could have them over or drop the dc off there. They live locally or whatever - I don't need them to deal with me. Another xmas and they cannot be bothered with my dc hmm
I am sad for my dc. My family are far away but if they were close they would want to see the dc all the time. Exh family are a mile away and not interested. Fuckers

mugglelady Mon 29-Dec-14 22:44:17

It's understandable why you're hurt - I would be too. It's great that you and your exH are as amicable as you are, and if I were I were in your shoes I would put my energies into maintaining this as its settling a good example for your kids. I suppose you could write them a letter or card asking how they are and again re-iterating your offer, but if your confident your ex has already passed the messages on it may fall on deaf ears but I suppose that way atleast you know you've everything you can..

Sending you hugs.

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