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Feeling really rubbish

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skat73 Tue 23-Dec-14 16:29:40

Don't know why I'm posting really it's just that I'm feeling so sad at the moment and can't seem to shake it off. Have 2 DD's , ex and I split last year currently going through a divorce , he left me and is now with someone else. I thought last year was bad but this year has also been rubbish. Just one thing after another and I feel it's so hard coping with it all on my own. Ex has no regard for my feelings he has girls today meant to bring them back at 6 and I just get a text saying they will be late, no explanation , no idea of what time they will be back - surely this is not reasonable. I really try and be brave about it all but feel so down.

Ps. Tried to call ex back but he has turned his phone off.

Anyway, needed to vent

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FollowTheStarship Tue 23-Dec-14 16:35:59

Sorry you're having a bad time. What you're experiencing is familiar to many on here - right down to the messing you around over contact arrangements (WHY do they do that?). You are brave, you have been brave and of course this is a time of year when it's all going to feel too much, but you will get through it. Have a brew, and pat yourself on the back for all you have managed so far. Hope others will be along soon too.

TiredAndConfused22 Tue 23-Dec-14 23:31:48

Hi Skat, just to say I feel the same. Split 2012 and only now trying to resolve finances so can finalise divorce. He left and is also with someone else. Arguing with me over maintenance whilst he drives round in his brand new BMW ahead of his 2 week holiday to the Far East in Jan. I don't want him back as he was a git to me, but when I dropped the children round to his earlier it left me a complete mess. (Hadn't been to his for months, he usually collects them.) It feels so unfair, he has moved on and is happy, having lovely weekends and special time with the children whilst I deal with the daily grind. I have dated a few men, but it is so hard to sustain anything when you're so tired all the time and can rarely get out due to having the children at home. Most of the time I feel so overwhelmed by how much there is to do in the home, at work and for the children.
There you go, that was my rant. And most of the time I am fine. Have my lovely children and trying to make the most of every day with them. Christmas is an emotional time, as the pp said. You're tired, probably under the weather, and under so much pressure to have the perfect family Christmas. Chin up, and hopefully things will start to feel easier once you're back in routine in January, and the days are getting lighter etc. flowers

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