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Telling tales

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mytimewillcome Tue 16-Dec-14 09:36:14

Hi, I've been separated from my husband for a year and if I tell my son off for something he says 'I'm going to tell daddy'. For instance I was telling him to get ready for school but he was insisting on making stuff and when I told him off he said the above. What can I say to him to stop him talking to me like that? He's 4. Thanks.

foolonthehill Tue 16-Dec-14 10:43:03

something like "that's ok but you still need to........put on your shoes/get up to the table/help tidy up"

It is just something he says to you. If you react to it differently to any other excuse (I'm busy, I don't want to, I'll tell father christmas) you will give the words power that they don't really have.

He's only 4 , he's just trying it on. Set your boundaries and your consequences. If he's rude/disobedient in this way or any other the consequences should still be the same.

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