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Feeling broody and very very reflective!

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Sunflowersmiling Tue 16-Dec-14 00:32:22

Its was so hard at first getting used to life as a single mum, so hard... but thankfully now as time has gone on, I am much happier without my mean ex.

I have a really good part time job with lots of prospects, lovely friends, and Im happy being single and just being me! Ive even found a babysitter and started going out once a month to an arts night!

My DS is just about 4 years old now and a cracking little chap, and I know he really wants a brother or sister. Thing is im just gone 40, yet lately ... well ... I keep getting this feeling ... and its making me really broody.

I dont know where its coming from - but its been there every month without fail, the desire to conceive is overwhelming!

Is this because I am aging, single and (forgive me mum) ... unintentionally celibate?

I keep looking at pictures of my friends babies, or my DS when he was younger, and wondering whether I could ever be lucky enough to experience of being a mum again to another baby.

I would love to have the opportunity but I cant find Mr. Right (and the last Mr. Right turned out to be a very nasty man....), also I cant begin to afford the clinics and, well, lets be honest - there are no other options are there.

Am I being selfish, or unrealistic? Or is this just normal pre-menopausal musings? Has anyone else been through these desires to be a parent again at our age AND single, and come out the other side with a happy tale to tell!?


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