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Relocating as a lone parent?

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Vaudeville Fri 12-Dec-14 18:57:49

Does anyone have any experience of this and some tips on how to plan what to do? Currently living in a big Midlands city which I've never been too fond off, however now I am NC with my family I feel it's time for a change for both me and DDs. I am giving myself a year to save/research but looking at Liverpool/Merseyside as this is still a reasonable commutable distance and plenty of public transport links to not impact on girls contact with exp. Any advice/experience welcomed.

inthename Sat 13-Dec-14 15:32:49

How old are your children?
Think about areas within Liverpool you like and if they are school age where the school allocation may be.
Some areas as with every city will be cheaper but may need research as to what the area and schools are like.
Do you have to sort a job out or will you have enough money to set up home without that initially?
Factor in the cost of your children going to and fro for contact (it can add up very quickly)
Good luck with it

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