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Resolutions -finally succumbed !?

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Blakey3166 Sat 06-Dec-14 23:32:04

Hi all,

Following on from the realisation that fb makes me feel my life is crap, which it is... I realise I cannot feel this way next year( an have felt for past couple) so I need to stop letting life happen to me and kick it up the arse.
After having gone through the heartache of seperation for a 2nd time in 20 years(2013) and the headache of practical single parent life (2014) I need to own 2015!!! But so much to do , so little time. I wondered if anyone here was currently stewing on the same thoughts and how their going to do it?
I've never liked resolutions nor ppl that make them and fail badly by feb, but I kinda feel it's now or never really... Any thoughts/plans ladies?

cauliflowerfairy Sat 06-Dec-14 23:50:21

Awww good on you taking control of your life girl!! and making the executive decision that 2015 Will be better!

I am rubbish at this kind if thing but happy to share my secret :-)
My way of doing things has never failed me. Instead of new year resolutions, I make "February resolutions" to start on Feb 1st, and my only 'well easy' resolution for Jan is. "To reflect on what my Feb resolutions are going to be" !!

A) it gives you a chance to recover from the Chrimbo season before starting anything drastic. You deserve it!
B) you have a month of the year in which you are guaranteed not to break any resolutions!! As there aren't any!
C) you don't have to start doing your resolutions with a hangover, or in crazy christmas debt!
D) you can have hair of the dog and leftover snacks guilt free on the morning of jan 1st! Well we are all mums, we experience enough guilt. Let it go! But don't get drunk around the bairns like
E) you get to prepare for the feb resolutions n experiment, without the distraction of the festive season, so you can decide which ones are realistic
F) February is a lovely month of crocuses and Valentine's day and stuff

Bring on your new, febulous Fabruary self! Who you can look forward to being the whole of Jan!

Blakey3166 Sun 07-Dec-14 05:16:02

That's a great way to look at it cf.
I'm a slight bender of rules so that's definatly up my street!
I'm also 40 next year. The being 40 doesn't bother me as my 30s have been thoroughly shite- it's just the need not to continue in that way, happy in own skin finally kind of stuff!
There's a chap, can't recall his name, but he suggests mini habits , he calls it the "one push up theory".
Basically stating that he was in a bad place physically and wanting to get fit, wanting to undertake 30 mins excersise a day.just the thought of it was killing him, so he decided to laugh at self, and bet he couldn't do one push up.since he got down into push up position and done it, he thought well I can actually do a few more.........after 30 mins , he'd done quite a few without realising.what he states is it's just the epic scale of things , the thought, is enough to make someone fail, sometimes before starting. I think it's a good way to approach my eating less, moving more, giving up smoking, worrying less, etc etc etc etchmm

HeadDoctor Sun 07-Dec-14 09:39:08

I do The Day Zero Project instead. If you google it you should find out. Much more positive than resolutions smile

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