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im shatterd and ill. Anyone else ?

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misstiredbuthappy Mon 01-Dec-14 22:57:12

I havent posted on here for a while, ive got a new job longer hours but it fits in better with dc.

But im shatterd I dont ever remember bieng this tired. Plus ive been full of cold I thought I was getting better but tonight after another shift in my freezing cold workplace its came back with a vengeance. And dd has a bit of a cough so shes up at night.

Aswell as the usual. Housework, shopping, xmas shopping ect you get the picture and im going on a bit hmm Is anybody else feeling like this ?

umbrellabird Tue 02-Dec-14 08:37:47

Yes Misstiredbuthappy. You are not alone. Can I share a poem I just wrote?

Skin and Bones.

Home by six.
A game Mama! No.
Ok. Pick up sticks.
Hey, note to self. A gentle reminder, be kinder.
And pay the childminder.
Cook dinner.There is hungry mouths to feed. And fairy tales to read.
Bring in the washing. Fold the clothes, clean up the messy abode.
Bury the fish. Write the list.
Seven. But where is he Mama? He’s gone to heaven.
Brush your teeth.
Go to bed. Children behave! Please. Must breathe.
Eight. Pay the bills. Power, phone, mortgage, rates. They are all late.
Christmas is close. Put the tree up.
Only 1 clip left on your train ticket. F##k.
Its Mothers and daughters day. Time off, no chance. You have to get paid.
No more sick days.
The youngest is coughing, oh god no.
Just be patient my boy, head-lice are not nice.
Nine. Put the smalls on the the inside line. Do not want underwear stolen like last time.
Child support hasn’t come through. What can you do? ‘If they don’t pay, neither do we.’
Ten. I need the toilet. Again?
Eleven. Emails. We need parents. Clean up day. Twenty dollars to pay.
Please bake a cake. But it’s too late? They will think I don’t care. I do. I just don’t have time for the school fair.
I used to be a wonderful volunteer.
WINZ. Are you on track for full time work? How can we help?
Twenty five hours is enough! Tough.
Boss: Make sure you finish the lot. Floss.
Head and heart start to twirl. Take two little pills.
Anxiety, and Migraine. I feel insane. Afraid.
I am a hand grenade.
Twelve. Mama mama mama. I feel sick.
I’ll get a flannel for your forehead. Lunchboxes! Must buy bread!
Sit still. Oh my darling, I don’t have time for you to be ill.
Just rest, yes Mama loves you the best.
Two. Sister; I have the flu. Three. Brother; I’m going to spew.
Five. The birds begin to rise.
Six. Alarm. Try to keep calm.
But I have nothing left to give. I wake up alone.
I am so tired. I am skin and bones.

holdyourown Thu 04-Dec-14 12:13:34

umbrellabird I love your poem! smile you have a talent there
how are you both feeling now?

meglet Thu 04-Dec-14 19:19:26

yes, I'm clinging on until I finish on the the 23rd. 6yo DD isn't sleeping until late so I'm totallt disorganised and haven't bought them xmas presents yet. Or written xmas cards.

What non-essential stuff can you drop and what positive stuff can you do?

I use paper plates and cups for the dc's breakfast and snacks.
Never iron.
More ready meals and salads than I should.
Take vitamins, herb teas, decent smoothies when I'm feeling rough.
PJ days at weekends to rest and keep warm.

LP winters are heavy going aren't they <<sigh>>.

Starlightbright1 Thu 04-Dec-14 20:15:03

Love the poem...

It is a constant juggle.. The fact no rest doesn't help. I have agreed to go on a school trip as my DS really wants me to now I am thinking how I could make better use of the 6 hours

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