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How did you build up a good network?

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seaweedthins Tue 25-Nov-14 18:59:54

I'm separated, going through a pretty awful divorce and am about to move 3 hours away to a new city where I currently know nobody. All my own choice, for various reasons, but I'm starting to get really anxious about being on my own. I have one DS age 3 and think I've overestimated my ability to deal with it all! DS will start school next Sep, so what do do in the meantime to build up friends?

Also,I won't have much childcare and my family are either all elderly, useless or live far awayhmm If anyone else is in the same boat, do you find friends a real help? If so how did you meet them?! Is it possible to build up a really good network of friends (new ones not old mates known for years and years) as a single parent? Or is it mainly still family that helps out day to day?

Would love to hear how others have established good friendships as currently feeling completely isolated, and fear I'm about to make this much worse.

GloriousGloria Tue 25-Nov-14 19:05:18

DS was older and we both tend to make friends quite easily because we chat to people.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Have a look for notices in shops etc offering babysitting childminding etc and go to local groups at soft play, the library and leisure centre.

You will meet new people but you have to go out looking.

Aliennation Tue 25-Nov-14 19:29:23

For me it happened when ds started nursery/school. Mostly Kids round here go to their catchment school so generally live near each other and we ended up walking with other parents and children to and from nursery.
I've made friends with quite a few of the mums but I wouldn't necessarily call them good friends as in we don't really socialize other than the odd coffee, mainly as they are all married and do their own thing at the weekend.
We do however have each others kids over for a play and I can call on them to collect ds from school and keep him till I finish work if I'm stuck.
I only do the school run once a week now due to working more, it's easier if you're actually there at drop off/pick up ime.
I would love to have some other single parent friends as weekends can be lonely.

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