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hello anxiety old freind.

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HowamIgoingtocope Tue 25-Nov-14 02:21:11

Well I'm not thatbmuch of a regular on here. I've been single for three years after kicking ex out to his tart. That's a long story that's in the past. I'm npw coping with a disruptive seven year old. Which I think is because of one sharing a room with his demanding three year old sister. Two missing his father ( who Hebseems regularly) but has a very strong bond with him. Beging a sensitive child and not knowing how to.come with emotions. Which I think he now can't control at all. I'm distraught as he's disrupted his child care setting ( she's had him since two) and helped me through my breakup and breakdown. Anxiety has set in because I can't cope with finding a new setting for him causing me more expense. I work full time and reallybwell I could just quit and help him sorry his head out. I'm trying to work with school regarding this and now feel ill again. Im failing as a mother.

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