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feeling brave - holiday with three kids on my own?

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TtipParty Sun 23-Nov-14 15:41:28

I'm feeling like planning a holiday would be a really nice distraction right now. My 3 kids are going to range in age from toddler to junior school age by next summer, so i'd definitely have a buggy in tow. Thinking well stay fairly local, as have beaches a short distance away. Not sure whether to go for a nice holiday park (maybe half board) or self catering in a seaside town. Also not sure whether doing all this alone would be crazy or whether I should take my parents up on their offer of a shared holiday. My mother has narcissistic tendencies my dad is a classic enabler, but on the other hand if they can offer some help with the kids... My ex was abusive and after our last holiday I won't be going away with him again. What should I do?

cestlavielife Sun 23-Nov-14 23:46:20

Take a friend or a teenager you know you can pay pocket money.
Ask one for volunteer from eg local groups like brownies etc and get to know someone locally who would come with you.

Your problem s they all too young for eg one to watch the other while you deal with the youngest etc. eg on beach one wants the toilet.

paneer Tue 25-Nov-14 22:22:17

go for it, you and the children. stay in a holiday park where there is stuff is on site, maybe a kids club for the eldest.
self catering so you can just stay in doors if you are feeling frazzled from the activity s if the day. enjoy it.

Bessiebigpants Wed 26-Nov-14 20:09:10

Go to some all inclusive hell hole.Trust me no cooking cleaning and paying for unlimited drinks and ice cream. kids clubs to take them off your hands for a couple of hours while you sunbathe.Sunshine to lift your spirits the kids will be knackered from being in the pool all day so you will get really nice evenings on your balcony drinking wine and reading your books.Sometimes you get lucky and there will be another lone parent so you can have a laugh and do some activities together.Ive also done camping alone and that's fun too.Make sure that there is an onsite shop though.

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