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Any single Muswell Hill mothers with children aged 11-13 who would be insterested in swapping babysitting?

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Londoner74 Mon 17-Nov-14 13:57:24

To be a single parent is not easy,but to try to have a social life and do things like trying to form a new relationship sometimes feels impossible,especially if our child/ren don't see much of their father,or you don't have any family around to help out.
To go out for the night,or to have a babysitter to stay the night,is very expensive.
What would make sense to me would be to form a "babysitting group" with people in our own situation. Obviously we would have to meet up and see if we and our children get on (which is why I suggest that this babysitting group would be for mothers of children of a specific age as they could potentially also become good friends)
The idea is that if someone needs a babysitter for the night or overnight,we could see who is available to look after our child,and then return the favour when needed,no payments involved obviously .
If you are interested,please pm me,and tell me a little bit about yourself and how old your child is. I think that potentially,this could be a great way for single mothers in the area to be able to get more ' Me" time,to be able to date and form new relationships (as we all know,that is very tricky as it is without having to worry about having to try and find a babysitter,and the money to pay them !), but also,getting to know fellow single mothers and exchange experiences could also be nice.

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