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Penbo36 Fri 14-Nov-14 16:31:33

CAn an ex reduce maintenance payments due to the fact that the children visit him and do not pack a bag of clothes. He says the money he gives is to cover the cost of clothes etc and therefore I should be packing for them. He left for another woman 9months ago and that is enough to deal with without getting home from work and packing a bag, the fact they go every other weekend is heart breaking enough.

RabbitSaysWoof Fri 14-Nov-14 16:36:37

Can you buy a couple of cheap outfits to leave there? I guess I see a bit where he's coming from but they cant need that many clothes 4 days a month for a significant drop in maintenance surely?

Penbo36 Fri 14-Nov-14 17:01:17

I keep sending bits over. A lot of what I have has been given is second hand, which is what they wear at home but apparently that is not good enough. I always send the sports stuff for clubs but it seems whatever I do is not good enough.

Jolleigh Fri 14-Nov-14 20:58:07

Is it an arrangement set up by CMS? If so, just call them and let them know he's not meeting the minimum required amount. If not, unfortunately he can do as he pleases.

nochangewanted Fri 14-Nov-14 23:33:05

How is maintenance arranged?

How much is he reducing maintenance by?

If it is through CSA/CMS contact them. If not do you know his income ? Put it through on line calculator to see if he is paying minimum amount..If not put in a claim

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