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New CSA rules...any advice?

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revealall Tue 11-Nov-14 21:17:25

I had a case opened in 2012 (£5 a week out of some benefit) and ex stopped paying in the March of this year. The CSA couldn't find him and I have had no contact with him since I was pregnant.
Just had a call to say he now has to pay £30 a week but they would be writing to him and would take it from his earnings if he wouldn't agree.
Just checked the gov.con website and see the new rules have come into effect.

Does this affect me (especially as he wasn't paying when they came into effect) or just new cases? I am guessing he would do anything to get out of paying. Will they be asking him to reach an agreement with me directly? If so do I just try and get a wodge out of him for the school residential and Christmas so at least I have something or does that mean losing out on the help of the CSA in future.
The money would be great help but we weren't counting on it anyway.
What to do?

nochangewanted Tue 11-Nov-14 22:29:24

If your case is still under CSA then it hasn't been moved over .. The private agreement is under CMS. CSA should still attempt to continue to collect.

revealall Wed 12-Nov-14 17:41:30

Thanks for that.

Not sure what CMS involves or why it is replacing CSA. Just hope they can sort something out and I'll wait to hear.

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