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number1daddy Fri 07-Nov-14 02:18:35

Hi all.

I'm new tonight to mumsnet. I'm a single daddy 24/7 and my sons mum isn't allowed to see him due to being granted a court order indefinitely back in June 2011. My son's started asking about his Mum last few weeks for the very first time. she is a total stranger to my son. he is five and a half and the last time she saw him he was nearly four years ago. How do you Mummies and Daddies cope. I find myself in thus rare position for a dad and not many to talk to at all about it all. I'll be posting more over the coming days as well to bore you all hehe

cestlavielife Fri 07-Nov-14 09:33:55

given there must be strong reason for no contact I would ask gp to refer your son for play therapy/art therapy/family therapy so the issue can be talked about with professionals and you get some good advice on how to handle it.

no contact with a live parent is akin to bereavement for the child so he/you might benefit from some professional help in dealing with this as he grows up and asks. so working on knowing he has a bio mum, and who she is, and also a way to explain why he cant see her.

good luck

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