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Moving to new home - advice on little one

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Chocolate99 Sun 02-Nov-14 09:31:40

Morning ladies just after a bit of advice on how you dealt with new home situation with little ones. Stbxh and i split 6 months ago and have lived together since which has been difficult to say the least, however we have now agreed on finances and can now get decree absolute etc. he is buying me out so have made offer on new house and set to be in before christmas all being well.

This house is very close to current home and i just wanted to know what would be best way to do the move? I want to get keys and decorate sons bedroom and playroom then move in, do i keep him with me for a week in new house before letting him back to dads house for overnight visit etc. just concerned at him visiting daddy as house will probably be empty as literally everything in house bought by me so coming with me.

I thought if we move in and the next day he goes back to dads for a visit, will not really let him settle in the new house? Have asked dad to ensure the bedroom, playroom etc is all replaced so that son doesnt feel it is not his home anymore but as usual little one and his feelings not really dads number one priority..

have spoken to son lots of times about new house as we pass it every day, saying when we move he can have goldfish, trampoline for garden etc so he seems excited about it but obviously he is worried about daddy also. Just want to know what you found worked best?

From3to2 Mon 03-Nov-14 09:05:57

Sorry I don't have any advice for you, but will follow with interest as in a very similar situation myself x

cestlavielife Mon 03-Nov-14 11:52:38

how old is your ds? can he look at pictures with you?
create him a picture book new house, dad's house. make a photo cut out and have him visit both houses. how will care be divided how many nights each house? the more calm and relaxed and ok about it you are the more calm he will be.

why don't you leave his bedroom as is in current house and buy new or even similar replica furniture etc for new house?

I don't understand why you don't leave his room as it is in dad's house and get new stuff for new house.

surely much easier for you to agree with dad that he buys the furniture off you and you get new for the new house. let ds choose a bed or bedding. etc.

move some toys not all?

I don't see why he should not go visit with dad for few days that makes no sense.

if you worried about transition then let him stay with dad and gradually increase visits to your new house.

cestlavielife Mon 03-Nov-14 11:54:39

I mean create a photo book of both houses and create cut out of him in photo form, have the photo cut out travel thru the pages staying at both houses create a story about it.

show him he will be xx days with dad and xxx days with mum. create a calendar for the week. dads house days in blue mums in pink or whatever colour scheme you choose

show him what will not change for him as well as what will be different.

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