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question about C1a forms

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WankeyDoodle Wed 29-Oct-14 20:08:31

posted in legal as well

Hello smile

I received a summons yesterday for a child arrangements programme (CAP01) I am the resident parent.

Can't really make out what the ex is specifically hoping to achieve from the order except a vague entry of "remaining fully involved and how much time he spends with them" and "shared residence or similar" He is self repping so I imagine I'll only find out on the day of allocation?

I have an appointment with CAB booked for next week after having a assessment with them this morning, have left a message for a local solicitor who specialises in DV cases and have been referred by my health visitors for legal aid as I qualify due to history of DV. So ball is rolling slowly and being proactive.

My question is this;

The notice of proceedings says the district judge has directed that; this matter be referred to an appointment at which Cafcass practitioner will be available to discuss matter with parties and judge, and that copies of the app form, C1a form and acknowledgement form be sent to CAFCASS, and CAFCASS carry out background checks if information given on these forms indicates that there is a risk of harm to the children.

Is this standard info/requirements on a notice of proceedings letter?

I did not receive a C1a with the C100 and notice of proceedings..would I have received one if my ex has filled one in?

Ex said "no" on his C100 of concerns of risk of harm tick list. (even though he has repeatedly called agencies (SS, police, and HV) in the past 3 years falsely accusing me of 2 of them, as recently as Sept this year. (open shut case SW told me and haven't heard from her since.. she said she had no concerns and HV team echo this.

I just want to have a better understanding of the above as I have tried and failed to get these questions answered today and they are weighing heavy on my mind.

Thank you smile

STIDW Thu 30-Oct-14 07:40:56

If you alleging DV you, or your solicitor on your behalf, need to complete Form C1A which is available to download from the Ministry of Justice website.

postmanpatscat Thu 30-Oct-14 07:52:17

You would have had a copy of his c1a if one had been completed. You can fill one in yourself though and file it at the court so they have the full picture. cafcass checks are standard.

starlight1234 Thu 30-Oct-14 22:41:57

My EX filled out a form and put no for drugs, safety issues and something else .. When I spoke to CAFCASS . I pointed out he had lied on all 3 questions. She said she realied contact had not happened in a contact centre for no reason.

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