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Dropping part of a double barrel surname

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Mumsy75 Tue 28-Oct-14 20:53:54

Does anyone have any experience of changing their child's surname?

The last contact my son had with his father was in August and the last I had was in September when our new son was born and he said he doesn't want to know us, stop contacting him as he is deleting/blocking my contact and if I want money will have to go through cms as he's not interested and will only pay if they say he has to.

My sons both have different surnames. The eldest is double barrelled with mine and his dads and the youngest has mine. I wish to change the eldest to just mine so they both have the same name.

I've read on a deed poll site that if I do not know the whereabouts of the father, which I don't, and have had no contact, which I haven't since sept, and not receiving maintenance, which I am only for the eldest, then it's straight forward. Will the maintenance payments or period of no contact prevent me from changing his name? Or will they allow me to change it officially. I also have no contact with the fathers family as they have all blocked my number as I split up with him due to violence towards me and my eldest and wouldn't take him back.

Thanks in advance.

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