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Hello lone parents, fancy a chat?

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Lushlush Fri 17-Oct-14 12:01:37

I think because ds doesn't like being on his own for some reason, unless that entails playing on laptop etc but all gadgets are banned after 7 pm bar the T/v so he just finds it easier to watch TV with me but boy does he talk so much!

Whereas I was an only child too but I loved being alone in my own room, amazing how different he is from me that way.

minkymuskyslyoldstoaty Fri 17-Oct-14 11:05:18

hi been a lone parent for 9 yrs now. one child. absent father (ex dh).

will pop back. x

Celestria Fri 17-Oct-14 08:34:54

My eldest is 9 lushlush smile

She has aspergers so doesn't sleep great at the best of times. I send both her and her sister (8) to their bedroom at 8pm to do something for an hour.

My boys (6 and 4) are in bed for 8pm.

The girls have only just started taking an interest in the soaps. I watch emmerdale, coronation St and eastenders.

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Lushlush Fri 17-Oct-14 07:13:24

I don't have an evening as ds doesn't go to bed until 9 now he is 9 years old. Then I watch tv for an hour then sleep!

Does everybody else have children that go to bed early?

I have to spend enough time with him to encourage him to keep up his reading and then there is homework then we watch some tv together it helps dialogue and discussion I find.

He won't read in his room at the moment he used to go to bed and read from 8 pm but now no such luck!

We also watch Corrie regularly lol.

Celestria Fri 17-Oct-14 01:05:54

Since the dawn of smart phones and tablets, everyone is crap at typing smile

I've just been amusing myself watching silly goats on YouTube. I feel no shame. grin

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BlackeyedSusan Fri 17-Oct-14 00:35:34

Oh and I am crap at typing.

BlackeyedSusan Fri 17-Oct-14 00:35:17

been a lone paretn for nearly four years. I spend too much time on mn in the evening.

Celestria Thu 16-Oct-14 23:32:51

I've been a lone parent for three years now. I've had a partner but not living in and didn't work out. I've got four children, aged between 5 and 9.

Days are fine, evenings can be a wee bit lonely. So wondered if anyone fancies a lone parent blather thread. Moan or enthuse about your day etc etc smile

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