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The difference between your vision and the reality of their first day.

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tweedlezee Thu 11-Sep-14 10:10:38

I am a single parent, formally one half of a controlling relationship (victim not perpetrator). Son had first day at school, the difference between my idea of it and the reality was huge and i had my 1st panic attack in ages. I dunno why i'm here, just to see if any ones else had their sons first day. It can feel a tiny bit lonely on days like this...

My vision of the first day of school?
Son puts on clothes, looks smart, kisses my face, tells me he loves me and will miss me but is excited.
I say thankyou for all the love he has brought me, I kiss him back, we put on his shoes and we walk happily and excitedly to school.

The real first day?
Son refuses to get dressed, I gently ask him nicely, reminding him that I asked him last night to get ready with a positive mindset. He gets up, he tells me I have chosen the wrong pants, he gets aggy that he cant find his jumper and that I am not responding to him fast enough, I am getting his sister dressed. He goes downstairs and proceeds to scream at me as he cannot find his bag strap. I ask him to stop shouting. He carries on shouting, nearly screaming, and starts shouting NO! at his sister. He wants breakfast. I ask him to calm down before entering the kitchen. This winds him up more. I am trying to be nice. I get him to take some deep breaths, he relaxes then shouts more at this sister. They sit down for breakfast, they shout at each other some more about cereal (they both want different cereal, I have both kinds) they then pour the milk. One pours first and apparently poured too much, the other gets told not to finish it, she finishes it. They start SCREAMING. I am on my knees, begging them to stop fighting. I then try to get them to get their shoes on, I take a photo of my son. Daughter tries to get in the picture, son smacks daughter on face with shoe. I have a panic attack and start uncontrollably crying. They carry on fighting, I hyperventilate. They want to take their scooters, I cannot breathe. Son says daughter cant take scooter, daughter screams and cries. Panic attack continues un-noticed. Breathing becomes difficult. Kids hit each other. I say "No scooters" more screaming. I get them out the house, son falls on pavement outside house and lies their, kicking his sister. We start walking to my sons first day at school.

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Trooperslane Thu 11-Sep-14 10:12:52

Oh God.

You need gin. X

tweedlezee Thu 11-Sep-14 10:14:22

ha! yeh i do...might just have some brandy in my coffee.

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charleybarley Thu 11-Sep-14 10:19:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Norfolknway Thu 11-Sep-14 10:22:54

You poor thing!

Yeah, the worst thing to have is a high expectation. Always expect the worst and you'll usually be pleasantly surprised!

Coffee and feet up for 5 mins I think!

starlight1234 Thu 11-Sep-14 20:25:00

I do hope day 2 goes better

Trooperslane Fri 12-Sep-14 14:55:42

How was day 2, op?

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