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stress management

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howtoapproachthis Sat 06-Sep-14 10:26:50

how do you all deal with the stress and exhaustion. everything i look on stress always says exercise. on very good days i can exercise, but only on very good days! on normal days, and difficult times i don't have the energy time or motivation to exercise. i end up having unhealthy coping strategies just because im so stressed and tired. i feel so down right now as i seem to have multiple problems going on. i know this is because of lack of sleep and as soon as i get a bit of a break this weekend ill feel a little better. im just looking for stress/exhaustion buster ideas- how do other single parents help themselves when you feel like this?

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AmITwirly Sat 06-Sep-14 10:32:45

God yes, I'd love to know. Last time I felt stressed and exhausted all the time I quit my job and took one with fewer hours! (Which I know is a bit of an extreme solution.)

Depending on how old your children are, locking the bathroom door and lying in a hot bubble bath is always a good one.

I have a Mindfulness CD and a yoga DVD which I will put on from time to time, because it's easier doing that at home than having to go out to exercise.

howtoapproachthis Sat 06-Sep-14 10:58:18

i have some of those relaxation type exercises. i should get them going again really. i usually don't feel like doing them when i am so stressed and tired which is the problem, i seem to need other people to motivate me when it comes to helping myself like telling me to go and get a bath or to come for a walk etc, but obviously thats not happening as i am on my own so its a lot harder, i wish i could give myself a kick up the backside!

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Lonecatwithkitten Sat 06-Sep-14 20:13:31

Find a simple activity that is just for you, I do two things. Once a week I sing in a choir and in the evenings I crochet. The patterns of the crochet absorb my mind and release the tension.

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