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I would love to have an au pair

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polealltheway Thu 04-Sep-14 23:17:30

I am struggling abit at the moment as I have recently taken on more hours at work. I would love to have an au pair but I don't have a spare bedroom, I am thinking about sharing an au pair.

I have seen an ad on a local forum saying there is a possibility of sharing an au pair, how much would be reasonable to pay them per hour?

I know the normal set up is they live in and get paid between £60-£90 per week, if they live out what would be fair to pay?

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PurpleWithRed Thu 04-Sep-14 23:23:57

Depends what they're doing. If they are taking you on as extra work for extra hours they should get the going rate for whatever they are doing. Minimum wage at least.

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