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Travelling Alone with 9 Month Old....

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TheJourney22 Sun 24-Aug-14 16:39:15

Help ...

Thinking of surprising my Mum & going to Mallorca next week, what's the situation with baby seats in hired cars? Do I take my own? Or can they supply? and another really retard question .... can I get Apitimal Milk?? & also (sorry you'd think I'd never left the UK before) but different with a baby!!! What do I need? Travel Cot, Travel Black Out blinds, his buggy (& I presume all this shit gets loaded on as hold luggage?!

Oh and WHAT IS THE BEST TIME OF DAY TO FLY WITH 9Mth Old who is a crier!

And now really thick ... I make all of Jack's food, believe me I'm no Mother Earth but that packet shit is minging!!! So I can just do the same right? & pack a hand blender?!?! .... fucking hell! ....

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Sunflowersmiling Sun 24-Aug-14 23:05:22

Wow, lots to think about. First things that came to my mind were to phone the airline you are flying with and ask for their help. They should have staff available to help you through the whole process. My friend flew with her baby half way accross the world, and I remember she was not allowed to take more than one bottle of milk on board, so she had to ask the flight attendants for some to keep baby going on the 12 hour flight! It was all planned in advance. So best check. As for car seat, surely car hire company would have one, again I would phone and check. Go with a company who will help you. Its been so long since I did weaning, but Ellas kitchen had some nice ones you could pack for ease.
Have a great time! x

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