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grumpychops1 Fri 15-Aug-14 14:38:52

I know every case is different, Im just looking for what contact you / exp/ exh were given if you have attended court, or in fact, if you mutually agreed it yourself.

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nomoretether Fri 15-Aug-14 17:06:51

Agreed 50/50 ourselves, children aged 3&1 at the time. I was their main carer before separation. ExH doesn't parent the way I would but he brings things to their lives that I couldn't.

DH had to go through court - took a year despite no safeguarding concerns, just exW refusal to co-operate. He eventually got EOW and 2 hours 1 day after school on non contact week. Also gets half holidays inc international travel, alternate Christmas etc.

grumpychops1 Fri 15-Aug-14 17:08:14

Do you split the week?

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nomoretether Fri 15-Aug-14 17:11:34

Yes, we split weekdays down the middle (Mon-Wed lunch, Wed lunch-Fri) and alternate weekends. Has always worked well for us. We have had times of very poor communication so a clear schedule has meant we didn't have to talk (we share a Google Calendar) and also have periods of communicating well so flexibility has been possible too. It's been tough but both of us have tried to stay focused on what works for the DC.

grumpychops1 Fri 15-Aug-14 18:02:48

Thanks. I like that idea. ExH is takin me to court. It's when it suits with him. I offered all sorts of suggestions but he wouldn't budge, he wanted mon-Thursday and that was it, his way or no way. I've suggested to court EOW and he's now cancelled his application. I'm looking for suggestions to put forward in the hope I can change his mind. I really want him to have contact, it's upsetting the kids now. Even though deep down I know he doesn't really wan them or he'd have bitten my hand off for anything suggested.

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VFXdad Fri 15-Aug-14 21:23:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpychops1 Fri 15-Aug-14 22:48:19

Sorry was supposed to be Sunday-Thursday. So I have them weekend, cause he thinks I have this mad social life where I party every weekend, stop me from going out. That and then he has the majority so he can "see me on my arse" with the csa.
I offered sun-tue, wed- fri, EOW with 2 nights for tea, he refused them all.

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grumpychops1 Fri 15-Aug-14 22:49:16

I also know he first want them because he hasn't picked them up for the interim access.

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