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Confirming contact

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Jessiegirl1 Wed 13-Aug-14 14:54:45

Ex husband is due to see our child this friday for one week holiday contact.

I did reconfirm it as she has dental appt and health visitor before she starts her new school this september.

He was supposed to have her for two weeks but hes already had her for the first two weeks of the school holidays. And then this week coming would make it 3 weeks which creates a 50/50 contact over the holidays. So seems fair that i get her back for the final week.

As i'v been getting a lot of negativity from him recently i'v asked him to drop her back at my mums so she doesn't have to see anything she shouldn't. Which i feel is in her best interests.

Iv not had a text back to reconfirm the arrangements, so if he turns up at 12 on the day can i ask him to send me a quick text to show me that hes confirming it before he takes my daughter.

And if hes late what then? Do i take my daughter back with me as i live 2 n 1/2 hour drive from him? And send him a message sayong he didnt confirm and has not shown for contact to take place?

I'm new to all this but want to make sure i'm doing right by my daughter and right by what the courts would want just incase as he's talking about setting up a child order through court.

Iv never denied him contact ever. And never will hes her daddy so he has a right to see her. But hes being off!

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balia Wed 13-Aug-14 18:19:42

Not sure how he's being 'off'? Is he objecting to bringing her back after a week?

How did it come about that the two weeks he was supposed to have her now got changed to two weeks at the start of the holidays? Has he got form for being late?

Jessiegirl1 Wed 13-Aug-14 18:54:10

Hes dating my ex best friend at present so he's having a funny turn cause he thinks I'm being defensive when I'm just making sure our daughter gets same attention she normally gets. He's asked that i no longer call him and keep everything to text which i am.

I gave him next week via text as he mentioned a week or so ago that he did not mind me having her back so i could spend time with her aswell this was verbally though.

On the text it has her holiday pick up time, drop off day and time.
And also when to pick her up next n drop her in september when she starts school.

He's not said yes, or thats fine. Like he normally does.
So i dunno whats happening.

I'm partly worried incase he's going to try and go to court for full contact now he has a new lady in his life as he has been twisting his words recently about the divorce even though its almost through i divorced him for unreasonable behaviour and walked away with nothing as i didn't want anything from him, and he never defended it n now he's making out like I'm the bad person.

He normally replies within 24 hours, but nothing.
He is normally late no matter what time you or he gives so i stated a time on the text as everyone especially his daughter is always waiting around on him.

Hope this explains things better.

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ConfusionAndDelay Thu 14-Aug-14 23:04:09

No point making him send you a text when he is there collecting her. I know you'd feel better with it in writing but I the absence of any Court Orders it means nothing. He's either going to return her to you or not, regardless of a text.

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