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Small claims

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missmeldrew Sun 03-Aug-14 16:03:47

Posted in legal but looking for advice.
Last year I took ex to small claims as he refused to give me any of my personal belongings. He defended it but failed to attend court so it went in my favour and I instructed baliffs. currently ongoing.
This week I've received a letter to say he's now defending it? Control of writ, and it will be heard in court. His reasons are contradicting saying I didn't provide particulars (these weren't requested byte court), that he gave me some stuff back, which he did so I knocked off the amount for it. I have receipts of items I'm claiming for and also screenshots where he attempted to sell it off, emails saying he'd taken it to the tip.
Does anyone know where this leaves me now?
Day after receiving that I've received another court form, he's now taking me to small claims for the following;
Sunglasses not returned - these were a gift.
He paid for me a house reference check - I didn't ask for this, it was so the kids could still be near him, no agreement to pay back was ever made and I didn't take the house, we tried at reconciliation.
Claiming for half of ds phone contract which is also in exs name, no agreement made either.
Claiming for a mobile phone which ds threw at the wall.
Claiming for a TV I took which I bought in 2007.
I have to laugh because he really is ridiculous! But it's another day in court and to be honest I feel like I live there at the minute.
Any advise?

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queenofthepirates Sun 03-Aug-14 18:19:51

I've been in a similar situation and it tends to be just a process of form filling. It sounds as though you are back to court so make sure you are super prepared, dressed impeccably and look utterly professional. I've been to court on a number of occasions and it's the ones who don't prepare who lose every time.

missmeldrew Mon 04-Aug-14 08:13:01

I'm not to worried about actually attending he always loses his temper anyway so it puts me at ease in a way.
It's more the fact he's made a ridiculous claim, that and I stupidly put my phone number on the court form!

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