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Confusion over arrears....

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Steelojames Sat 02-Aug-14 23:07:56

Opened a claim which ex dragged out by demanding paternity.
He then cancelled and csa are presuming paternity. I'm told payments will start soon....will see!
He will pay from when they first contacted him I'm told so will be backdated I believe?
Sorry if sounds silly but are these the arrears everyone refers too?
How do some NRP's amass thousands of arrears? I'm confused... Surely it can't all be time wasting.
Do they add arrears onto regular payments?
I just don't know how it works.

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HowardTJMoon Sat 02-Aug-14 23:34:37

My ex managed to amass arrears by swapping between employed and unemployed faster than the CSA could keep up. It would take the CSA months and months to notice that she'd got a new job, find out how much she was earning and get an attachment order to get her employer to deduct CSA payments from her wages. She'd then leave her job and go back on to JSA at which point she was only supposed to pay £5 a week and the arrears were put on hold until she was back in employment again.

People who are self-employed or directors of companies (or employees of companies whose HR/payroll department are willing to help out) can delay the paperwork for years.

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