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Advice for single mum of newborn

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Adverbial99 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:33:33

Hi, I'm helping a friend prepare to become a single mother in a few months' time. She will stay in the UK for the first few months, before moving to the father's country (although they are not together) to bring up the child.

I am suggesting that she employ somebody to help in the very early days, but although I have a baby myself, I don't know what sort of help would be most useful (it also needs to be affordable within reason) -- somebody 24/7 for the first couple of weeks, or somebody for a few hours a day for a couple of months, or a combination of the two? And a doula, or a maternity nurse, or a nanny..?

I'd really appreciate any advice about this - many thanks.

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Mumof3xox Mon 28-Jul-14 21:34:30

Is there any reason you think she needs extra help?

Lots of women have babies on their own and do just fine?

Messygirl Mon 28-Jul-14 21:36:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PenguinsHatchedAnEgg Mon 28-Jul-14 21:38:29

I'm not a lone parent, but I saw this in active.

I'd say it depends what she wants. A maternity nurse will help get the baby in a strict routine, if that is a priority. It might help her long term if she had reliable time to herself? A post-natal doula will help look after her and the baby - and because it would be for a short amount of time each day would be affordable for longer.

I'd also think about putting money aside for a cleaner. Preferably one willing to also stick on some washing, etc. My husband works away a lot, and on stretches I am on my own, keeping on top of that stuff could be overwhelming in the early days. I can't even imagine how much harder it would be if you were a lone parent.

Adverbial99 Mon 28-Jul-14 21:53:13

Wow, that was quick! Thanks lots, really useful. I've reposted in the childcare thread, thanks for that suggestion.

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Emmiedarling Wed 30-Jul-14 21:52:52

I am a single mum. I had a c-section so needed a bit of help at the beginning. I had a maternity nurse for the first week so i could sleep a bit - was well worth it!

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