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Going on holiday alone

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OptimisticOlive Fri 20-Jun-14 18:43:07

Finally after two years I have managed to save a bit of cash to take my very first ever holiday alone while the dcs are with their dad for a week in
August. I'm terrified but also very excited and enjoying the process of deciding where to go smile

Where you would go if you had the chance to holiday alone for a week, or if you've already done it do you have any tips?

queenofthepirates Fri 20-Jun-14 18:57:40

I have many times, all pre baby though! I take lots of good books, books some tours, relax and have an awesome time.

RMPM Sat 21-Jun-14 00:20:50

Lake garda is beautiful and relaxingsmile

Russettbella1000 Sat 21-Jun-14 08:43:39

Well after umming and arhhing about holidaying in Uk I've gone in quite the opp direction so me & DD (2) are off to Spain for the week in Aug-can't wait! :0)

revealall Sat 21-Jun-14 20:38:20

Good for you Russett.

Go abroad. Mainly because it's feels like you've been somewhere as opposed to just going away. Somewhere with sun. But even if it rains it still sounds better being somewhere other than the UK.

I have done a few trips alone and mostly went to places I wanted to see but no one else did (Asia). If you go places YOU have always wanted to then you always get something out of it.

Top tips would be to get a room with a balcony or terrace. That way you can have a drink or a read or people watch and not feel you are stuck inside ( just like home!) if you run out of evening options

Watch out if you go to countries where men are used to being the boss of women. Especially poorer countries where the attention is relentless. I did meet a few nice blokes and actually meeting good local blokes with a sense of humour was a highlight.
Go to places with stuff to do. Trekking, sight seeing on a city break ,camel rides whatever. Much better than a resort type holiday where you can only sit by the pool all day for seven days. You won't feel lonely and you'll have stuff to tell people and remember. You can still sit by a pool every afternoon after you've seen something. And also see things in the evening as lots of Europe stays open later. all the crowds have gone and you can't do it the uk.
I'd say Barcelona ( beach, easy to get around, interesting stuff to do, friendly people). Palma for the same reasons. Greek Islands. Cruise.

OptimisticOlive Sat 21-Jun-14 20:48:44

Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

Sounds great Russet, good for you!

Reveal thanks for all those suggestions and tips , I've been researching and I think I've decided to try and find a small family run hotel somewhere a bit off the beaten track where I can explore and get a taste of the area and meet the locals but also sit on my balcony and relax when I don't feel up to socialising! Glad you mentioned Greek Islands because they are somewhere I'm thinking of, and also sardinia.

revealall Sat 21-Jun-14 21:04:07

Ooh. Sounds perfect Optimistic. It really does have to be about you and what you like. It's the ultimate advantage of holidaying alone.
Wish you well in finding something. Keep us updated.

ICanHearYou Sat 21-Jun-14 21:06:35

I would go to a week long European festival

feesh Sat 21-Jun-14 21:11:27

Have a look at Naxos, it's a beautiful Greek Island which has all the things you need for a good holiday, but slightly off the beaten track. I've been there on my own and had a great time. Check out the Faros Naxos for small, quiet family-run accommodation

hollycomputer Sat 21-Jun-14 21:14:13

I have been on holiday alone a couple of times while DH went skiing. I went to a resort in south east Asia and had a fantastic time. Everyone was really friendly but I also got plenty of alone time.

Tips: as revealall says, I'd probably avoid middle eastern countries as you'll be pestered and it's annoying. As also mentioned, the Greek islands are good - just avoid the party resorts on places like Paros/Naxos/Zakynthos etc. Asia is fab for lone travellers, try Thailand as there are tons of nice resorts. If you don't want to go that far afield, there are some lovely family-run gites in the Loire Valley in France, or perhaps look at somewhere in the south of Spain?

Wherever you go, I hope you have a fantastic time! Solo holidays can be utterly lovely when you can just worry about pleasing yourself.

Russettbella1000 Sat 21-Jun-14 21:24:39

Ha ha @ Revealall....Yes, I have a balcony seaview combined for that vino, book reading / people watching time:0)...Great tips from everyone here!
I do really love my DD's company (poor thing has no choice atm) so the idea of being with her just somewhere nice and hot is still quite appealing.

Anyway, have fun looking and booking everyone and maybe see you around the pool! :0)

Russettbella1000 Sat 21-Jun-14 21:30:02

Oooo and Optimisticolive that sounds lovely! :0)

NickiFury Sat 21-Jun-14 21:33:09

I always take my dc away alone. Planning three days in New York in a few months and maybe down to Florida. I'm happy to drive alone as well as long as I've got Sat Nav

feesh Sun 22-Jun-14 10:22:47

Hollycomputer, just to clarify one minor point for the benefit of the OP - Naxos is definitely not a party island. That's why I recommended it further up ;)

hollycomputer Sun 22-Jun-14 11:28:45

feesh Sorry, I wasn't very clear - I meant more the bars/clubs areas rather than the whole island! I remember most of Naxos being pretty laid back though admittedly it's been a few years since I went.

Scaryfeet Sun 22-Jun-14 15:15:09

I've not been on holidays without the kids, but I've worked away for short periods in nice locations, which obviously involved some downtime. So whilst I got the holiday aspect of it, there was also other people doing the same thing that I was able to spend the free time with.

I'd highly recommend doing it this way, it's a great way to meet new people and to be exposed to something completely new. There are plenty of places to volunteer abroad that give such satisfaction and desperately need help. Of course if depends on what you want, but if you're open to the thought of more than just a holiday, you can make a real difference too.

Best of luck!

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