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Can a non paying parent call csa/cms and get money reduced??? PLEASE HELP!

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Steelojames Thu 19-Jun-14 21:13:01

If a father (NRP) calls csa (or new child maintenance service) to make financial arrangements for the child, is it the same procedure?
I don't get a penny from my ex and have threatened to call the csa.
He now wants to call them himself and so is asking for my details.
He pays for 2 of his other kids via them already, & is saying they will make him pay less as a whole taking into acc he called and is now claiming for a 3rd child.
Is this true? I cannot believe he would be sooo selfish.
I will call them myself but is their any truth to his nonsense?!! It doesn't make sense to me.

Standinginline Thu 19-Jun-14 21:15:05

Unfortunately yes it is true ,any children under the same roof as him will be counted as his own even if they're getting maintenance from their father. Extremely unfair.

Standinginline Thu 19-Jun-14 21:15:48

Oh sorry I misread ,they don't care who calls up the figure will still be the same...

Steelojames Thu 19-Jun-14 21:37:32

The two kids he is paying csa for do not live with him.

Chocoholicforever Thu 19-Jun-14 21:39:12

Yes, you can use the calculator. The old Csa was 25% for 3 children and therefore you would get 1/3 of the 25%. Makes no difference if he lives with them

Standinginline Thu 19-Jun-14 21:42:50

If they're his kids then yeah he'll end up paying less to you. You basically pay a percentage to the amount of kids you have and that gets divided amongst them all. For instance now I think it's 15% for 3 kids so that figure then gets divided into 3 and given to the parent of those kids so you'll get a third and his kids other parent will get 2 thirds as she has 2 of the 3 kids.

Steelojames Thu 19-Jun-14 21:46:19

But he is saying he will pay less as a whole...I don't get how that is possible!
Can he call to claim for our DS if I haven't?
I dnt get it, will have to call 1st thing tmoro before he does...

nomoretether Thu 19-Jun-14 21:47:50

CMS calculate how much is owed to his children. He has three children. The amount will be split equally per child. Not sure how else would be fair?

nomoretether Thu 19-Jun-14 21:50:19

Less than what? What's the current arrangement?

Standinginline Fri 20-Jun-14 07:46:24

With the new system I know there's charges to each parent ,a certain percentage that's either taken of what you receive or what you pay ; but don't know what the circumstances are. Google it ,because he might mean that if you phoned up he'd be seen as non obliging he'd have to pay extra (think it's an extra 20%). Also ,if you phone up then obviously he'll be expected to pay back date whereas if he phoned up he can lie and say that you've always had a private agreement.

nomoretether Fri 20-Jun-14 07:50:49

There's no charges in place at the current time. The charges are also only for when a parent refuses direct payment, which neither of you are doing.

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