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M27J5M Tue 17-Jun-14 12:37:12

My 5year old so has recently been asking my partner (of 10months) to be his dad, he's now mentioned it a few times and has been telling people it's his dad and quite openly telling us after it! I know this is a sweet thing and there's a huge compliment in there for my partner but how do I handle this? I've tried to speak to him but he just looked at me so innocently and told me he says it cos he really wants him to be his dad!

theuncivilservant79 Wed 18-Jun-14 21:21:46

Hard to say....what does your partner think?

M27J5M Thu 19-Jun-14 00:11:12

Tbh I've kinda shied away from speaking about it with him because I don't know what to say but he's never reacted badly or anything when the wee 1s said it!

theuncivilservant79 Thu 19-Jun-14 06:19:51

It's a lovely compliment grin
You could chat with ds though about how we can have special adults in our lives who don't have a title like mum or dad or auntie or whatever. I guess it depends on the situation with his birth father too. What about suggesting 'daddy first name' as in there's daddy (birth dad) then there's daddy Dave (dp)

M27J5M Thu 19-Jun-14 08:43:41

It really is a lovely compliment and I'm glad he's taken to my partner so well! I guess I've really gotta speak to my partner and see how he feels about it all! My sons dad hasn't been around since he was a baby so never really known him tho always has make role models around in the way of grandparents/uncles etc

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