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Do you go on holiday alone with dc?

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positively9something Wed 30-Apr-14 17:39:26

Well I am considering going abroad alone with dd 6, I normally go with my mum and her partner but my mum doesn't seem to be talking to me at the moment.

My best friend who is also a single parent cannot afford a holiday this year and my other friends will be going with partners etc and I'm not really close enough to them to go away with them anyway.

I really could do with having a week in the sun, I am considering going alone with dd but I feel like it could be stressful at the airport etc and I will feel like a loner when dd is off playing and I feel like maybe dd won't have a lot of fun with just is two!

I'm not sure if I'm brave enough grin

UncrushedParsley Wed 30-Apr-14 17:42:20

Do it! I went last year to Amsterday for a couple of days. DD was 15 then. You can survive the airport, and there may well be other LP's about. IME people are friendly, and like to 'adopt' you when you are on your own, or a LP. smile

ForeskinHyena Wed 30-Apr-14 17:43:58

I have 3 dcs, but have been away with them on my own. Dd would looove some time with just me and her!

It might be a little bit stressy at the airport, but if you make sure you're organised, what a fab adventure! And you can sit and read while she makes sand castles. Sounds idyllic to me.

UncrushedParsley Wed 30-Apr-14 17:44:42

The most stressful part was carry on luggage no eyebrow tweezers etc, and DD filled her case with hair straighteners etc, and then wanted my special travel sized facewash so I ended up washing with shower gel

lazypepper Wed 30-Apr-14 17:48:19

Yes. Do it.

I took DS away a few times when I was a LP. It was perfectly fine. I was a little nervous at first- but just ensured that I chose a family friendly place to stay - with English widely spoken. We ended up in Lanzarote a couple of times, Salou another time. He was 4 (I think) the first time we went away.

We had a really good time. Nothing bad happened - I was just careful, didn't get drunk... ;)

I am no longer a LP, but I still managed to get him to go away with just me last May to Spain. smile (he is 16 now, so doesn't really enjoy a week with his mother so much).

Just make sure you choose somewhere where there will be other children - somewhere easy to get to the shops etc. Play it safe - and you will be fine.

Cupid5tunt Wed 30-Apr-14 19:25:13

Do it!

I've done it the last 2 years and booked again for this year. Honestly the most stressful part for me was trying to juggle a suitcase, hand luggage and a buggy. Still not sure how we managed that and thanking god that I don't have the buggy to worry about this year.

Where are you thinking of going?

Cupid5tunt Wed 30-Apr-14 19:26:50

Oh and by the way you will not be stuck for company in the evening. There are always plenty of people wanting to talk. Most are nosey and want to know why you're travelling alone grin but it leads to further conversation. You're daughter will make friends too and you will get chatting to their parents.

cestlavielife Wed 30-Apr-14 21:44:23

One adult one child easy . You will be fine

Fizzybangfanny Wed 30-Apr-14 21:45:27

Yes I took dd to Egypt and Disney land. It was lovely. No one except us! Brill!

morethanpotatoprints Wed 30-Apr-14 21:48:34

Go for it OP, it will be fine. I am married but dh doesn't come on holiday with us all the time. It's quite often me and the dc and we always manage fine. Sometimes it's a bit better, but we don't tell him this grin

Lioninthesun Wed 30-Apr-14 22:32:26

As others say the airport with buggy and case is hardest. You will be surprised at how people will help! I had a lovely guy from South Africa carry both of our carry on cases all the way through passport control when we came back from Morocco last year!
You could always try some of the single parent holidays if you are really worried! Camping may be a cheaper option for your friend if you would rather go with someone you know?

Lucyccfc Thu 01-May-14 11:57:47

Go for it - we do it all the time.

The airport is really quite easy. Get a trolley for your luggage when you get out of the taxi. My DS loves to sit on the suitcases. Check the bags in and then just treat the airport like a mini shopping centre. I usually have my handbag and one other carry-on bag. We have something to eat and drink and go and buy some treats for the flight. I know it might feel a bit daunting, but it's actually really easy. Even when DS was small and we had a buggy, it was fine.

Sometimes we go on holidays where DS makes lots of friends. Sometimes I sunbathe and read a book and other times I chat to other parents. Same in the evening - there are lots of people to make friends with.

We also do quite a lot of holidays that are not typically for kids - New York and also Rio, where DS and I are together all the time. I know the sorts of things he likes, so again it's not a problem. It's lovely when he has gone to sleep, as I get a bit of me time. Nice soak in the bath, then sit on the balcony with a good book and some chocolate or a beer.

paneer Thu 01-May-14 12:26:27

Go for it. My DD is 6yo and we have been away a few times overseas (and we camp a lot and have done the lodge thing and Disney by train too).

We have been on a single family holiday thing before as well as just a regular package holiday. She loves the airport and is a great traveler.

I quite like my own company so don't mind not having any adult company. DD is a chatter so I do get a bit of company!


Twitches2 Mon 12-May-14 18:19:04

Definitely go for it!
My mum was a single (and bloody brilliant) mum for my whole childhood.
We had no money and she'd never been abroad alone before but she took me and DBro to Disneyland (it was a deal in the newspaper - coach and ferry - 48hrs travel time and about 10 hours in the actual park for �99 or something)
My Dbro was older than me, and, because Mum was a lone parent, there was nobody to wait with me if she went on rides with my bro, and I was too little to go on the rides he wanted to go on, so we didn't do all of them. We didn't care though :-)
She tells us now that she was absolutely terrified that we'd get lost/kidnapped/mugged/miss the coach/miss the ferry and I remember she took food in case she couldn't afford it when we got there - we had hardboiled eggs in the park and filled our water bottles up in the water fountains for free.
When I look back, I think she was so brave and it's still the best holiday I have ever had (I'm nearly 30 and have travelled a lot since ;-))

NotaDragonsEgg Mon 12-May-14 18:47:33

Yeah do it.

I've travelled on my own with ds since he was a baby. Doesn't apply to a 6yo but sling for a baby and then when you want to start taking a buggy, use one with two handles so you can hook suitcase pully-handle over it and/or hang rucksac over the two handles. In some ways its easier to check the buggy and carry them piggy back or on shoulders I found, because if they want to walk after being cooped up its just another bit of luggage to deal with.

You will be quite knackered being the sole one responsible for travel times, finding the right gate/train/bus station, checking guide book, entertaining child, finding food etc.

Right pain if you forget something and only realise once they are ready for bed and you have to trail pj-ed child to supermarket at 8.30pm for a pack of nappies! Make sure you have book and snacks for yourself once they are in bed, although often I was asleep when he was!

NigellasDealer Mon 12-May-14 18:49:52

yeh I took mine to Greece a few times, it was fab, go for it.

imnottoofussed Mon 12-May-14 18:58:18

Do it. I took dd to Disney Florida when she was 7 on my own. I was apprehensive beforehand but fine once we got to the airport. My only worry whilst there was getting sun cream on my back grin

Expatmomma Sun 22-Jun-14 18:56:26

I have done it several times

The feeling of a not having a grumpy difficult partner along was great!!!! Especially when you spot clearly tense miserable couples.

We went to Turkey twice and the USA twice.

This year we are going camping in the USA and meeting up with 8 families we met last year!!! 2 others were lone parents but we all mucked in together ... Can't wait to see them all again

Grab the opportunity and you never know what friendships you may make ������

Iflyaway Sun 22-Jun-14 20:03:51

Absolutely go for it!

I have been LP for 21 years, love travelling and have amazing memories.

To teach your child he doesn,t have to hang out at home to do what you want (for lack of others)is a life long lesson that will stand him in good stead for the future.

Iflyaway Sun 22-Jun-14 20:06:00

Oh, and he has great memories too grin

Last summer he went rucksacking in Panama and Colombia with his girlfriend...

Safeinourbubble Sun 22-Jun-14 20:14:21

Have you thought of camping? For some reason, people in campsites are ridiculously friendly. There are kids clubs, evening entertainment and so, you are bound to meet people. Eurocamp, canvas, suncamp all look good.

ScrambledEggAndToast Sun 22-Jun-14 20:29:18

Used to go with Mango when I was a single parent. Expensive but well worth it.

JaneParker Sun 22-Jun-14 21:13:07

Twice a year usually with all 5 children. It's fine.
I do enjoy my own company however so the more time I can get alone (hard to get any with so many children) the better for me.
I've found it easier than when I was married to be honest.

NatalieMc82 Wed 25-Jun-14 20:58:47

Go for it!
I am taking my 2 DSs away on my own this year (albeit in the UK) and am so excited!
And don't worry about the airport, I flew with all 3 of my DC's when they were about 8,5 and 1 and it was fine.. In fact I count it among my best parenting achievements!
Tbh I'm looking forward to a holiday without any rows and being in charge rather than having to deal with my ex.
Let us know how you get on OP and hope you end up having a fabby holiday and some true quality time with your DD.

HonoraryOctonaut Wed 25-Jun-14 21:01:46

I've got 4 children and I've just booked a holiday abroad for next year - I've never taken them abroad before, the youngest will be 3 and 2 so I'm worrying about the airport etc. I've not taken them away before so I'm nervous.

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