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Is it just me...

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Amytheflag Tue 15-Apr-14 03:32:17

Or are there quite a few weird threads today started by people with no posting history? hmm I'm in suspicious mode now.

Jellaby Tue 15-Apr-14 03:59:59

There are many frequent name changers, myself being one of them. I wouldn't worry unless the content was off.

Amytheflag Tue 15-Apr-14 04:07:18

I think "weird" summed up my opinion of the content wink

Jellaby Tue 15-Apr-14 04:11:51

Didn't see any myself, so can't comment! But yeah, odd content would raise my suspicions too. Sadly MN isn't a quiet little corner of the internet anymore, because it's got so talked about in the press. And it is the school holidays...

Cupid5tunt Tue 15-Apr-14 09:37:49

Did I post on it? I think I might know which one you mean?

I try and take all posts at face value just in case someone really is in the situation but I did hmm at one.

Tingram Tue 15-Apr-14 10:12:57

I turned to Mumsnet for advice regarding a situation I found upsetting. I'm now even more upset by the comments above. I'll know where not to look for advice in future.

Cupid5tunt Tue 15-Apr-14 10:54:00

Tingram I don't think the posts are to do with you confused

MakeMineAMartina Tue 15-Apr-14 17:00:21

Ive namechanged recently but im a regular. (2 years on mn, 5th namechange)

and I namechanged recently as a poster was so nasty to me it really upset me so much didn't want the previous nn any more.

nor am I going to post so much anymore as I did before, but had to post on here in defence of the namechangers!

Op are you thinking along the lines of the recent hacking thing? I admit I had that thought.

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