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Horrid to son

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ShineyBlackShoes Sat 05-Apr-14 21:36:01

Been having a really stressful time and now I have a huge issue with my house (leak under the house in cold water price which might cost thousands to sort).
My son is 21 and I gave him a right earful when he got narky with me, because I was stressed over the house problem.
But I do feel bad, as if should have been nicer. I chucked something at him instead of passing it nicely.
He has no idea how stressful my life is, especially at the moment but why should he. He has enough worries with his students debt and lack of a job.
How can I make it up to him?

starlight1234 Sat 05-Apr-14 21:46:41

If he is 21 then talk to home like an adult,

You need to apologise and explain to him he isn't responsible ...Let him know how stressed out you are but that isn't his problem .

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