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Low self-esteem 6 year old :(

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sezamcgregor Wed 02-Apr-14 13:05:50

Bit of background:
My son has not adjusted to school very well - challenging behaviour - hitting, no attention span, cannot sit still etc. We started at a small school (10 children in year, 20 in class) thinking that smaller school would be better, but teacher was very negative (she also beat me with the Single Parent Stick) and so moved last May to slightly larger school (20 in year) with children from nursery. New school has been wonderful and have referred us to all kinds of different people for support and have a good team now that meet every 6-8 weeks to review.

Had very positive meeting yesterday, but underlying issue appears to be low self esteem.

How do I help to boost it??!!

Any advice or anyone been in a similar situation - I would LOVE to hear about it!!

Quoteunquote Wed 02-Apr-14 14:01:27

Do you have an indoor climbing wall near you?

We use climbing to build up children's confidence, as it always a challenge and each and every time they go they can feel themselves improve a bit, it also good for concentration and coordination.

as a child climbs they are forced to keep making decisions and moves,

try to hire the shoes, as they help, our climbing wall takes children from five years old, you can book session by session, it's a £5 an hour, and they will be very tired afterwards.

sezamcgregor Wed 02-Apr-14 14:17:37

WOW! That's a great idea! Thank you for that! I'll give it a try smile

Quoteunquote Wed 02-Apr-14 23:02:24

as he gets older he can do NICAS which is a qualification,

one of mine has had to calm down , and really focus , concentrate to progress through the levels,

and the other has had to push himself to do it, both have got completely different things they needed from it,

great individual and team sport, which keeps them out of trouble during the teen years.

it helps with reading as well, because you have to force yourself to do each move,

it really letting them do it slowly and at their own pace, as they then notice their own confidence growing.

lots of mums join in, and do the first bit of training just so they can belay, then get into it.

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