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Sissylagos Sun 02-Mar-14 09:33:10


I am posting here as the local channel representative of my area is redundant.

I would like to meet with like-minded lone parents for days out, coffee, lunch, suppers etc and meeting is the first but often hardest step when one is preoccupied with anxieties of the future and practicalities of today and why I thought I´d post here.

I am a late 30´s mom to my gorgeous 2 year old. Recently separated, I enjoy discussion and exploration in the arts, travel, spirituality, dancing. I enjoy people,life which I tend not to take too seriously. Professionally, I´m an academic researcher.

I´d be really keen to hear from you if you are in a similar position with a child of a similar age to mine and local to this area, although I am often in London, so not limiting the potential to meet great people to my residential area per se.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you either here or via pm.

All good wishes,

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